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Varaa hoitoarvio 09-687 7770


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Anesthesia (and sedation)
for dental care and oral surgery

Welcome! This page is for our English speaking patients - Unexi Anesthesia Team also provides care in English!

Over 20 year anesthesia experience

  • At the private dental clinics, I have administered hundreds of ambulatory (or outpatient) anesthesias.
  • As senior staff anesthesiologist at the University Hospital, I have provided demanding care for both children and adults

Unexi Consulting is division of Medicomp Ltd, where I am owner and CEO

  • My clinical aim is to offer turn-key anesthesia service for dental clinics in Southern Finland, and we use our own anesthesia devices.
  • Medical technology is my other core competence: I have been internationally recognized consultant for major manufacturers like Datex-Ohmeda and GE Healthcare.

Would you like to learn more, why not first send me an E-mail.
Thereafter, it is easy to continue by telephone or by meeting with each other.

E-mail for further inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note: All healthcare related information we treat as strictly confidential, and we never give away e-mails of our patient.


Consulting Anesthesiologist

Dr. Ilkka Kalli, MD, PhD, MBA
Adjunct Professor (Medical Informatics)

Call me
+358 405 70 90 20


Please note: contact form is not available now - heavy spamming from a far away continent, and we are cleaning our mailbox manually. Please use our secondary e-mail addres for further inquiries

unexi2 at me. com


You can contact me by filling this form:

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